This page is just here for archival purposes. I've completely re-done the calculater. You can see the new version here.

Dethdlr's Adornment Calculator - Make your selections in the dropdown lists, then click Calculate to see the adornments by name

Note: This page works kinda funky with the in-game browser. Works much better outside the game.
Please read the notes at the bottom of the page.

Note: Updated 6 March 2013. You may need to force the page to refresh to get the latest version (usually Ctrl-Refresh).

What would you like to see in the dropdowns Adornment Descriptions or Adornment Names
Slot White Yellow Red
  (L)=Lesser 86 (G)=Greater 88 (S)=Superior 90
Level = 90
(CoE) = Chains of Eternity ; (COE 92) = CoE level 92
(DoV) = Destiny of Velious
(PQ) = Public Quest
(CoE) = Chains of Eternity ; (COE 92) = CoE level 92
(DoV) = Destiny of Velious
(K) = Kael - (PQ) = Public Quest
Charm One
Charm Two
Left Ear    
Right Ear    
Left Finger    
Right Finger    
Left Wrist    
Right Wrist    





Finally updated for CoE!

This only includes the T10 Adornments.
Green (spirit stones) and Blue (battlegrounds) adornments will not be added.

Don't forget that actual adorn stats can depend on your in game AA and buffs, so double-check with the in game link.

As a lot of the CoE adorns are only pre-adorned and are not sold, some of those adorns were not yet discovered. The fact that a huge number of them were numbered (I and II) let us plan for future discoveries and the adornments yet to be discovered were added with a "?" in front of their name.

Thanks to Sopranou for helping adjust the code for CoE.

Very special thanks to Whilhelmina for spearheading the work to get this updated for CoE. Whilhelmina translated this calculator to French and worked with others to get it updated for CoE, then translated it back into English so I could finally update this version as well. Huge thanks to Whilhelmina.

Older Notes, some of which may no longer apply:
Note: Some two handed items have three white slots. I didn't code a third white dropdown for this since if you are using a two hander, you can't have anything in the secondary slot. Just use one of the secondary white slots for the third one and make sure not to choose reuse speed since that doesn't work on the primary slot.

Class specific red adornments are now up. Choose your class in the dropdown to have that classes adornments added to the proper dropdowns. Rather than converting the class specific red adornments from their names to what they do, I've just included the names in the dropdowns. For one thing, this should help with those that don't stack. For another, it means you don't have to wait for me to find time to convert over 200 adornment descriptions into text that will fit in the dropdowns. Once you click calculate, you can hover your cursor over the item names to see the tooltip popup of each adornment or click them to see them on EQ2U. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to try and convert them or just leave them as is. I'm leaning towards leaving them as is. Email me if you find any errors.

There is a lot of data in this thing so let me know if you see anything out of whack. I'll be really surprised if I didn't have a typo or two. I've tried to make this as accurate as possible but it's always possible that I missed something or that something has changed since this was created.

Make sure you verify the name and what the adornments do before purchasing or ordering them. You can see the adornment names, required faction, in game links, as well as the materials required by clicking Calculate after selecting the adornments. If you prefer to see more info for each slot on the screen all at once, you can click [SF] in the link column and then choose the slot you wish to see for the white adornments. You can see lists of the yellow and red adornments for a given slot by clicking Y or R next to each slot. After clicking Calculate, you can see the full description of the adornments by hovering your cursor over the names (tooltip popups now provided by me from EQ2U).

I've considered splitting out the Secondary/Ranged slot into Weapon, Symbol, and Shield. I think instead, when I come across an adorn that only works in a certain slot, I'll indicate that in the dropdown. If you see any listed that only work on certain items in that slot, send me an email and I'll see about getting it to show that way.

Special thanks to Raenarys of Permafrost for the info on the Red adornments. Her work made the red ones a lot easier than they would have been.

Dethdlr of Butcherblock
Email: dethdlr (at) eq2wire.com